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The WFH advantage | Organise your home office with smart storage ideas

The global shift to remote work options has resulted in a new normal. Work-from-home (WFH) is here to stay but comes with its own practical (and decor) challenges. Not everyone has a designated home office space, so the couch, bed or kitchen table has had to suffice… until now. 

Being productive while working from home is all about functional (and stylish) planning and a few office storage ideas and supplies. Here at Store & More, we are glad to oblige. 

We are on a mission to get you off the couch and motivated with creative home office storage ideas to transform a small corner of your home into an inspirational WFH zone that will be your organisational and productivity muse. 

If you are tired of your bed or couch doubling up as a workspace (and sticky notes landing up on your coffee mug or cat), then ‘stick around’ for the next 600 words or so… (No time to read on? Head straight on over to our home office storage and supplies page on our website)

Work from home storage solutions


In any WFH journey, one thing remains constant: the importance of a well-organized and inspiring workspace. So let’s explore a few functional and trending office storage ideas and supplies to help you make the most of your work environment to boost productivity, creativity, and an overall positive work experience.


The WFH Revolution | Convenience and flexibility

As many have discovered, working from home offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience. However, to truly thrive in this environment, it’s crucial to create a workspace that not only encourages focus and efficiency but also ticks the convenience and flexibility boxes. 

Speaking of ‘boxes,’ you may want to check out our range of storage box options to suit any organisational personality or home design aesthetic. (Not sure what your organisational personality is? Find out here). 

home office organisation


  • Choose the right spot: Select a dedicated area in your home for your workspace. This could be a spare room, a cosy nook, or even a well-organized corner of a room.
  • Ergonomics matter: Invest in a comfortable chair, an ergonomic desk, and accessories like monitor stands and keyboard trays to facilitate good posture and overall well-being.
  • Natural light and greenery: Position your workspace near a window for natural light, and consider adding some indoor plants to improve air quality, create a refreshing atmosphere and foster productivity. 


Stylish office storage ideas | Boost productivity

A well-organized workspace is essential for getting down to work and maintaining a clear, organised mind. 

Stylish office storage solutions at Store & More


Here are some stylish office storage solutions to keep your WFH space tidy and visually appealing:

  • Floating shelves: Open shelving is so on-trend that you have to include this design feature somewhere in your home. A WFH corner is the perfect opportunity. Install floating shelves above your desk to display decorative items, store books, or keep frequently used office supplies within easy reach.
  • Cubbies and baskets: Use cubbies or open shelving units with stylish baskets to neatly store papers, notebooks, and other loose items.
  • Cable management: Invest in cable organizers or clips to keep cables and wires hidden and prevent them from cluttering your workspace.
  • Multi-functional furniture: Opt for furniture that doubles as storage, such as desks with built-in drawers or ottomans with hidden compartments. (Our flatpack options are just the versatile, beautiful and affordable ticket to elevating your WFH area).


Essential Office Supplies | Organisational detailing

Having the right tools and office supplies can make a significant difference in your work experience. 

Essential WFH supplies & organisational tips


Consider these essentials for your home office workspace:

Organisational detailing for your Work from home space


Store & More | The home of organising

If you are embracing the flexibility of working from home, the key to a successful work environment lies in organization and style. By taking advantage of our practical and stylish office storage ideas and investing in essential supplies – online or in-store –  you’ll not only enhance your productivity but also create a motivational space that promotes well-being, fosters creativity and helps you achieve your career goals. 

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