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Seasonal bedroom storage solutions for your winter woollies

Singing birds, buzzing bees, blossoming trees and the onset of seasonal hay fever have us all ditching our winter woollies and emerging from a hibernation mindset. Spring has sprung and the first spring cleaning task is removing bulky jackets, jerseys, boots and winter apparel that take up so much closet space to make way for our spring/summer wardrobes.

Spring is the perfect time to tackle the task of packing away winter clothes and blankets, especially if you have a small space. Reorganising your cupboards with practical seasonal bedroom storage solutions will keep your winter clothes safely stored and any winter blues at bay.

Edit your winter wardrobe 

Before you start packing away your winter items, take the time to critically assess your wardrobe: 

  • Which items did you not wear this past winter?
  • Which items no longer fit you?
  • Which items no longer spark joy
  • Which items are looking a bit old and tired?
  • Which items were this season’s trend and are unlikely to be popular next year?

Edit you winter wardrobe before investing in bedroom storage soutions


Identifying which pieces you love and wore most often, and which ones remained untouched throughout the season will help you decide what to keep, donate, or discard. (This is particularly applicable if you have kids. Check the sizing on their winter shoes and coats and make sure to only keep what is likely to fit next year).

Shop for storage solutions

Now that you’ve decided what items are staying, you get to have a little fun with some bedroom storage solutions that will work for you. (You may first want to find out what your storage/organisational personality is). 

Start by considering your budget, the type of storage solutions and the space you have. Where you plan on storing your winter items will determine the type of storage options you invest in. 

  • Open shelf storage will probably call for baskets or decor boxes. 
  • Storage bags make the most sense for under-the-bed
  • Transparent storage boxes with lids are the most practical for out-of-sight spaces; either in top cupboards or in your garage.

Store & More makes this such an enjoyable step. Pop in online or in-store to shop all our bedroom storage solutions. 

Launder winter clothing before storing


Clean and prep your items 

Before storing your winter clothes and blankets, ensure they are clean and free of stains or odours. Launder or dry clean them as needed, and repair any damaged items. Then take the time to properly fold your winter jerseys and hoodies to maximise space and minimise creasing during storage. 

To prevent a mouldy surprise next winter, make sure all your winter gear is completely dry before packing it in storage containers. (Adding cedar chips or lavender sachets will keep your clothes protected from moths)

  • Transparent plastic storage boxes with lids are a must-have for organized bedroom storage; allowing you to see the contents without opening them, and making it easy to locate specific items. Use them for storing jerseys, scarves, and seasonal accessories. (Despite plastic getting a bad rap, it does a great job of repelling moisture and keeping winter items safe from humidity, mould, and bugs). 
  • Baskets are not only functional but also add a touch of designer style to your bedroom storage decor. Use them for items like blankets, gloves, hats, and mittens. 
  • Garment or dress bags are best for heavy coats which should rather be hung as folding them is likely to change their shape. Garment bags also protect items from gathering dust. 
  • Vacuum-seal bags are a game-changer when it comes to maximising space; compressing your clothing and blankets and significantly reducing their volume. Vacuum-sealed items also protect clothing from dust, insects, and moisture, and can be easily stored under the bed or in cupboards. 

Vacuum-seal storage bags


Visit Store & More for some bedroom storage inspiration

At Store & More we are on a mission to help all South Africans love the spaces they are in. As we transition from winter to spring and summer, our comprehensive bedroom storage solutions are just the spring cleaning inspiration you need to keep your winter clothing practically stored so that you can embrace the warmer weather and your organized cupboards. 

Not only do we have every room in your home organized, we also have your seasonal storage solutions in the bag. 

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