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‘Pet-friendly’ storage solutions for your furry friends

There’s no denying that pet owners consider their furry friends a special and beloved part of the family. This has resulted in the market for pet products growing to include a lot of stuff: pet beds, a host of accessories, cooling mats, litter boxes and kitty litter, toys, dog leashes, dog grooming equipment, treats, seasonal ‘fashion’ items etc. Organising your life, and that of your pets requires a little creativity to keep all pet supplies in designated stations in your house.

Let’s ‘paws’ 😉and consider some of the ways you can ‘style’ your home and keep it organised with storage solutions specifically designed with pets in mind. 

Dog beds

Upgrading your pet’s naptime experience now comes with stylish, comfortable and functional pet bed options. From pet baskets and dog cushions to luxurious calming cuddler beds, your ‘fur baby’ can have the sweetest dreams, day or night. 

Dog beds

Traditionally, pet beds – which cannot just be hidden or stored away in a cupboard – weren’t decor statements. But with the trending designs and pet-friendly fabrics now available, they become part of the aesthetic of the room. 

Doggy poo and cat litter

Dog ‘business’ is not a pretty sight, but it is a daily reality if you have welcomed a dog into your home and garden. Cleaning the mess is made easy with a poop scoop and doggy poo bags. (Up the ante with a nifty bag holder with light)

Cat litter and pet storage solutions

Whichever way you look at them, cat litter boxes are unlikely to win any style awards. But they are practical and necessary. With clever ‘hideaway’ solutions, you can say goodbye to unsightly litter boxes. Consider decorative furniture pieces that serve as discreet litter box enclosures. These not only provide your feline friend with privacy but also keep the litter mess contained. 

Pet bowls & accessories

Transforming a corner of your kitchen into a practical and stylish ‘pet hub’ requires thoughtful organization and multipurpose pet storage solutions. Start by selecting sleek and easy-to-clean bowls for your pet’s food and water, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with your kitchen decor. (Take a look at our curated collection of pet food containers and bowls that will make a real statement in your kitchen). 

Pet food and water bowls

Dedicate a designated drawer or cabinet for pet food and treats, grooming equipment and pet medication or supplements (out of reach of toddlers and younger kids).  Installing hooks for dog leashes makes them easily accessible when it’s time for a walk in the park.

Consider repurposing a compact storage caddy to keep grooming  – brushes, nail clippers, and other essentials – neatly stowed and within easy reach. A ‘pet hub’ not only streamlines your pet care routine but also adds a charming touch to your kitchen space.

Fur baby toys

When it comes to toys  – for dogs, cats or kids – woven baskets, plastic storage containers or decorative boxes, placed strategically around your home (in cupboards or on open shelves), are always a  stylish pet storage solution. Labelling each container for easy access to your pet’s belongings adds a touch of order and makes cleanup a breeze, ensuring your living space remains tidy and inviting.

Pet toys | Storage solutions for cat and dog toys

Seasonal pet-friendly accessories

Depending on the weather, you’re likely to have invested in some seasonal accessories for your pets. Pet cooling mats – strategically placed around the house – will help your pet beat the heat. When not in use, store them out of sight in any practical container of choice. Opt for foldable designs for even more convenience. These cooling mats not only provide relief for your pets but also add a touch of comfort to their favourite lounging spots.

During mid-winter or cold fronts, your pet – depending on the breed – may feel more comfortable with an extra layer to stay warm. Not only do our sweatshirts keep them warm, but they look ‘cool’ as well. 

Seasonal accessories for pets

Store & More | The home of organising for pets (and people)

At Store & More, our organisational products cater for every nook, cranny and space in your home and meet the individualised storage solution needs of every person and animal living there. 

Our collection of pet-friendly storage options ticks the practical and style boxes of keeping your pets comfortable, spoilt and happy while keeping your home beautifully organised and uncluttered. No more tripping over animal toys or blankets. 

Shop online or visit us in-store at one of our Gauteng, Western Cape or KZN branches. (Your pets will thank you).