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Open shelving | A home storage trend to embrace

A new era of living – where organisation meets simple elegance and clutter gives way to calm – makes daily life so much easier to navigate and enjoy. Our Store & More team are not only experts on the art of home storage solutions, but we have done a little research on some of the trends that are showing up on Pinterest boards that will make your spaces Instagram-worthy. One trend we are in love with is the functional versatility and simple beauty of open shelves. 

Extending beyond mere utilitarianism, home storage options are a canvas for self-expression and personalised organisation in every corner of your home. Open shelving ticks this box with fun and flair. 

Join us on a journey to discover why open shelving is one of the best home storage ideas and organizational trends to transform your living spaces into sanctuaries of style and order.

Open shelves aren’t going anywhere

The controversial discussions about the practicality of open shelving seem to be moot, as every interior design magazine on the ‘shelves,’ and decor blog online, showcase them in all their versatile glory. 

The stylish simplicity of open shelves as a home storage solutions in a kitchen or any other living space

As a beautiful home storage option, open shelves have become a beloved trend, transforming spaces and adding a touch of modernity and personality to homes. Their clean lines simplify a space and they are the most affordable solution when extra storage space is needed in any room. 

This shift towards open shelving is driven by a desire for a more accessible, visually appealing, and personalised approach to home storage. 

Let’s delve into the reasons behind the popularity of open shelves and explore some practical tips for their decoration and organization

Open shelving deserves its own hashtag

Although open shelves do not work for everybody, they are certainly a versatile and budget-friendly home storage solution if you’re looking to inject some fresh, modern vibes into your space. They will also be conversation starters. (If you love your stuff, display it!)

Open shelving is having a decor moment for any space in your home

And for those of you who are not ready to fully commit, simply ease your way into this trend by removing some of your cabinet doors to see if open shelving works for you. A middle-ground compromise is to use decorative baskets and storage boxes on open shelves if you want to edit the number of individual items that are seen.  

Here are a few reasons why open shelving is having a home storage moment:

  • Airy aesthetics: Open shelving creates a sense of openness in a space, making rooms appear larger and less confined. They allow for the display of items without creating visual barriers, promoting a more inviting and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Personalised expression: Unlike closed cabinets, open shelves provide an opportunity to showcase personal belongings and decorative items, turning everyday essentials into curated displays and bespoke vignettes. 
  • Easy accessibility: Open shelves offer quick and easy access to frequently used items. This accessibility not only enhances convenience but also encourages a more organized lifestyle, as we tend to keep things tidy when they are on display.
  • Versatility: Open shelves can adapt to various design styles, from minimalistic and contemporary to rustic and eclectic. Their design versatility makes them a popular choice for any room and for a wide range of interior aesthetics, allowing homeowners to experiment with different looks and configurations.

Let’s decorate and organise open shelves

Open shelves are a dream organisational tool for collectors. From framed photos, glassware and ceramic bowls to classic books or vintage mugs, you get to store, enjoy and show off all the items in your collection.

How to decorate and organise open shelves in your kitchen

Here are some of our decor display tips:

  • Consider functionality: Before diving into decoration, consider the practical aspects of your open shelves. Group items based on functionality and usage, ensuring that the things you need most often are easily accessible. (Of course, a folding step stool is an easy solution to reach higher shelves).
  • Maintain balance: Achieve a balanced look by mixing decorative items with functional ones. Combine books, decorative objects, and practical storage containers to strike a harmonious balance between aesthetics and utility.
  • Colour coordination: Opt for a cohesive colour scheme to create a visually pleasing arrangement. Whether you choose a monochromatic palette or love the energy of complementary colours, consistency in colour can tie the display together and prevent it from looking cluttered or busy.
  • Negative space: Embrace the beauty of negative space by avoiding overcrowding. Leave some empty spaces on the shelves to allow the eye to rest and appreciate the items on display. This prevents the shelves from feeling overwhelming or chaotic.
  • Layering and stacking: Play with different heights and arrangements to add depth and visual interest. Stack books both vertically and horizontally, incorporate varying heights of decorative objects, and experiment with different textures to create a dynamic and pleasing display.
  • Regular maintenance: Open shelves require regular upkeep to maintain their decor appeal. Dust and clean the items on display, rotate decorations seasonally and reassess the arrangement periodically to keep things fresh and inspiring. (Having said that, everyday items stored on an open shelving configuration get used more often and therefore don’t tend to gather dust). 
Consider the functionality of open shelving for work from home spaces

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