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Functional & fashionable storage solutions for small spaces

Getting your foot on the property ladder generally translates into a tiny apartment, cleverly repackaged as contemporary urban living. Space is so limited you can hardly swing a cat, but you love it. It’s your home. And whether you own your own tiny pad or are renting, we are here with a ‘magic wand’ to grant your biggest decor wish: “I wish I had more storage.” 

Living in a small space requires a thoughtful space-saving approach to decorating. It’s all about finding ways to optimize every square inch while ensuring comfort, convenience and style are not compromised. 

With a little creative thinking and clever design (that’s where we come in), you can transform any compact space into a stylish and functional haven. The reason we exist is to help you explore practical lifestyle decor ideas and storage solutions that are tailor-made for small spaces. 

Here are our storage solutions for small spaces that pack a big punch:

#1 Simple seasonal storage

One of the biggest design flaws in modern small-scale (and open-plan) apartments is the lack of cupboard space. And any cupboard storage you do have is often limited. This is where seasonal storage becomes an unsung hero in organizing your stuff and making the most of any closet space you have. 

practical seasonal storage solutions

Cluttered cupboards and shelves will never simplify your life and only add to a daily sense of overwhelm. Winter jackets, woollen jerseys, boots and blankets go untouched in spring, summer and autumn, just hanging around and taking up precious cupboard space. While swimsuits, summer dresses, beach towels and tank tops crowd your drawers in the winter.

All it takes is a couple of seasonal organisational strategies to maximise your space and bring a sense of calm, order and visual simplicity to your current closet dilemma. 

#2 Versatile vertical storage

Vertical design is trending. Not only are we loving vertical gardens to prettify small urban patio gardens, but we are also big fans of vertical storage in small spaces as a clever organisational and space-saving hack. Vertical storage not only provides additional room for your belongings but also draws the eyes upward, creating a sense of spaciousness.

vertical storage solutions for small spaces

This could be flatpack shelving units that fit into a corner of your room, wall-mounted shelves or a really stylish garment rack that all double as modern storage solutions for a small space and as furniture statements. 

A small unit of cube shelves – curated with stylish storage baskets – will aesthetically transform any room. 

  • For the little ones, stacking shelves – at an accessible height – with our animal baskets makes tidying up and organising clothes and toys a fun exercise. 
  • For laundries, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens, wire, wicker or fabric baskets make open shelving an open decor storage solution that allow you to make the most of your space without sacrificing style.

stylish open storage solutions

  • A vertical metal magazine rack keeps books and magazines neatly stowed away instead of cluttering up coffee tables. 
  • Vertical behind-the-door storage is a hugely underutilised alternative as an effective storage solution in small spaces. Try our hanging basket organisers for odds and ends and bits and bobs, or our contemporary black and bamboo door hooks as additional storage for towels and robes.  

#3 Petite pantry storage

Your dream of a country kitchen larder or walk-in pantry is unlikely to be a reality in an urban-style apartment. In fact, even a pantry cupboard rarely makes it onto the kitchen plans and you are often left with just a normal cupboard to store all your pantry staples.

Simple storage solutions for your pantry

Here’s where storage solutions for small places really come into their own, turning your pantry cupboard into an organized visual delight. 

  • Our range of glassware storage is so beautiful that it’s almost a crime to hide it behind a cupboard door. In fact, we suggest you put pasta, flour, rice, coffee, sugar etc. out on display.  
  • Our Foodsaver range makes any pantry organisation an absolute dream. You also get to easily monitor the level of staples so that you don’t buy what you don’t need (without anywhere to store the extra groceries). 
  • Open basket storage makes it easy to grab snacks or fresh produce such as potatoes and onions,  

#4 Delightful decor storage

Who says a side table can’t also double up as much-needed storage? Not us! Our metal and wood side table is an out-of-the-box storage solution for small spaces. With storage on top (for remote controls, coffee mugs, candles or plants) and visible storage inside (for blankets or toys), it’s our best answer to your wish of needing more storage. 

Clever decor storage solutions

A wooden chest/bench is another two-in-one storage solution for a small space. Keep blankets, clothes or toys out of sight while still adding extra seating. And for a little design drama, take a look at our table and magazine holder which has an eclectic artistic edge. 

Store & More – the home of organising

Our tagline – ‘We’ve got it organised’ – says it all. From small spaces to large spaces, our massive selection of storage and complimentary products, for every room in the home, makes us your one-stop storage and homeware store. (In fact, professional organizers rank us as their #1 retailer for our product range, quality and affordability).

Getting your hands on all our storage solutions for small spaces is as simple as popping in at one of our stores (in Gauteng, KZN and the Western Cape) or visiting us online (where you have the click-and-collect option or delivery option).