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Benefit from the affordability & simplicity of flat pack furniture

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and practicality have become essential considerations when it comes to buying furniture for our homes. And this is where flat pack furniture ticks all the boxes (and fits in them too). The last few decades have seen this functional furniture option gain rapid momentum, benefiting homeowners and businesses alike. Need a cost-effective, portable and environmentally-friendly furniture item? You can find a customisable and readily available flat pack furniture solution for shelving, tables, desks, TV stands and so much more.

You may have watched the Friends episodes where Joey, Chandler and Ross make fools of themselves trying to assemble bookcases and home entertainment centres in the form of flat pack furniture (making it look like a task only fit for craftsmen).  But it is far easier than they make it appear, and flat pack furniture (as it is most commonly known) has numerous benefits for financially-savvy South Africans looking to save money and space. 

The broad definition

For the uninitiated into this world of ergonomic furniture options, here’s a definition to break it down:

Flat pack furnitureOtherwise known as ready-to-assemble, knock-down or kit furniture requires at-home customer assembly. The various components/pieces are packed neatly and conveniently into cartons for sale alongside hardware for their assembly. (Flat pack furniture is commonly made of chipboard, medium-density fibreboard or occasionally solid woods).

Upon delivery, buyers will receive a number of assembly parts including nuts, bolts and possibly even tools to construct the furniture item as well as detailed instructions on how to ‘build’ the piece.
You don’t need to be a DIY professional. Any person who can use a screwdriver or spanner is assumed to be able to assemble flat pack furniture with relative ease.

The basic backstory

IKEA employee, Gillis Lundgren, is believed to be the inventor of flat pack furniture after detaching the legs of a table to fit it into his car. This launched a revolutionary way of designing and delivering cost-effective furniture as early as the 1950s that has effectively changed the world.
IKEA has transformed into a multinational Swedish conglomerate as a result of the invention of flat pack furniture.

The beloved benefits

We love flat pack items. Here are 4 undeniable benefits of this home furniture solution:

#1 Variety

Whether you’re in search of a modern and sleek design or a more traditional and rustic feel, there is a flat pack furniture piece to suit every style and preference.

Manufacturers offer an extensive range of designs, colours, and finishes, allowing you to choose furniture that compliments your existing decor or helps you create a customisable look for your space.

From multipurpose home storage solutions for small spaces to modular shelving systems, flat pack furniture can adapt to your changing needs. You can source flat pack furniture that maximises your available space and enhances the room’s functionality, whether you live in a small flat, townhouse or spacious home.

#2 Affordability

Designed using computer-aided manufacturing which does away with the high labour cost and lessens the price tag, flat pack furniture is a cost-effective furniture solution for those with tight pockets.

Its ease of storage, compact shipping and low manufacture costs also make flat pack furniture appealing items of stock for suppliers (like Store & More), since they do not require large storehouses for safekeeping in comparison to fully assembled furniture.

#3 Simplicity

As the name suggests, flat pack furniture comes in a flat-packed box, with all the necessary components, hardware and instructions for assembly. The low-cost design allows for easy transportation and manoeuvrability, especially in situations where access to certain areas may be challenging, including difficult-to-navigate staircases and small doorways.
Are you a frequent house or apartment mover and in search of a furniture solution that’s easy to pack up and store? Flat pack furniture is your number one choice.
A great solution for DIY enthusiasts and home owners wanting to take control of their furnishing projects, flat pack furniture involves a straightforward assembly process with clear instructions and sometimes even numbered parts and pre-drilled holes. Buyers can put their furniture together without employing skilled craftsmen.